CICON Seoul 2024

"AGI City : Leads to Culture, Connects to Convergence"

Dear All!

The '10th CICON Seoul 2024' will be held by our Korea CEO Summit at Shilla Hotel Seoul on June 12 and13.

The 'CICON Seoul 2024 and CICON Awards 2024' is the most prestigious award in the Asia-Pacific region that recognizes and awards entrepreneurs and experts for economic development in the fields of cultural, creative and industrial convergence have actively helped to balance the social development and happiness of citizens and leading businesses in the global market (technology and project) development.

The Korea CEO Summit established and awarded the Creative Management Awards in 2008, and from 2017 to present, the 'CICON Awards' have been established to recognize and honor the finest entrepreneurs and experts in urban management, cultural management, and convergence management.

Based on these experiences, on June 12-13, 2024, the “CICON Seoul and CICON Awards 2024” under the slogan of "Global Network Infrastructure, People Community" will be held and awarded to expand the region globally.

The CICON Awards judging committee (members: Kwon Young-gull, Chairman of the Presidential National Architecture Policy Committee, Kim Jong-seok, Chairman of the Presidential Regulatory Reform Committee, Yoo Il-ho, Former Deputy Prime Minister for Economics, Lee Maan-ee, Former Minister of Environment, and Joo Young-sub, Professor of Seoul National University) will select the winners by objectively thoroughly evaluating the documents submitted by the candidates.

Our aim is not only to demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit, but also to inspire young people and the younger generation with a spirit of challenge and promote creative thinking.

Thank you 

Chairman of Korea CEO Summit and CICON

Park Bong Kyu