- Celebration Performance -

Quynh Paris is an artist who is always dedicated to the culture and art of a country. He is a fashion designer who is respected in many ways. Quynh Paris' designs are always ahead of its time and have held their own among fashionistas at home and abroad. Not only is she known for her applied fashion models, unique art, and limitless creativity, but designer Quynh Paris is also known as a talented violinist. Winning many national and international awards, Quynh Paris now participates in various events in Vietnam to provide ideas for the sustainable development of the industry.


Bohemian Movement Company

- Celebration Performance -

CICON Wave presents innovative and creative performances using LED screens. Technology and art will meet and contribute to further enhancing the city's cultural appeal. It will provide audiovisual experiences through the screens and deliver new visual impressions and the city's dynamic energy to the participants.