Park Bong Kyu

Chairman of Korea CEO Summit

Chairman & Founder of CICON

Chairman of World Blockchain Summit MARVELS

Chairman Park Bong Kyu, as the chairman of the Korea CEO Summit, has led over 8,000 CEOs from various fields, including politics, economy, society, and culture, and has hosted numerous forums and international conferences as the organizing committee of various conferences. Hosted the 2004 Forum for former US President Bill Clinton, the 2004 World Scientists Forum (Nobel Peace Prize winners), the 2005-2006 Korea-China University of Economics Forum (Beijing Great Hall of the People), the 2010 World Image Korean Forum (Seoul), 2014 Korea-China Creative City Culture Exhibition Dong Bang Ji hye(East Wisdom/ (Seoul DDP), successfully held the Dong Bang-Ji hye(East Wisdom) tour in Tangshan/Xi'an/Qingdao, China from 2015 to 2017, drawing attention.