Kim Jong Yoon

CEO of Yanolja Cloud

Jong Yoon Kim leads Yanolja Cloud, a global company that leads digital transformation around the world for properties within accommodations, food and beverage, residential, golf, and other leisure facilities. The company offers a full suite of solutions including property management, distribution solutions for inventory sales and management, an automated IoT Hub connecting all hardware, and AI services based on a Yanolja Cloud integrated data lake.

Jong Yoon Kim joined Yanolja Co., Ltd. in 2015 as Chief Strategy Officer and in 2021 was elevated to Chief Executive Officer of Yanolja Co., Ltd. Mr. Kim added to his responsibilities in 2021, becoming the Chief Executive Officer of Yanolja Cloud. Prior to Yanolja Co., Ltd., Mr. Kim held various leadership positions with global organizations including McKinsey & Company, Google, and 3M.