Kim Jong Seok

Chairman of Presidential Committee on Regulatory Reform Republic of Korea

Former Member of the National Assembly

Kim Jong-seok, chairman of the Regulatory Reform Committee, is a Republic of Korea politician, scholar, and entrepreneur and currently chairs the private committee of the Presidential Regulatory Reform Committee. The Regulatory Reform Committee is a presidential committee established to deliberate on and coordinate the government's regulatory policies and comprehensively promote matters related to the review and maintenance of regulations. Through the examination of existing regulations and the pre-examination of new regulations, it contributes to the convenience of people's lives, the improvement of the business environment, and the strengthening of the competitiveness of the Korean economy. Chairman Kim Jong-seok also served as the 20th member of the National Assembly, and served as the vice chairman of the Policy Committee, the secretary of the Political Affairs Committee, and the secretary of the Special Measures Committee for Personnel Hearing. He also serves as a chair professor of business administration at New York State University in Korea and served as the dean of the business administration department at Hongik University in Korea. Chairman Kim Jong-seok holds a doctorate in economics at Princeton University and has extensive knowledge and experience in various fields, including economy, regulatory policy, management, and law.