Bruno Cho (Hyun Jin)

CEO of Zellyspace

BRUNO(CEO) Hyunjin Cho is a serial entrepreneur in the web3 field. He is the co-founder of BRP which has accelerated Global Project Chiliz(CHZ) since 2017. And he founded the crypto exchange FOBL, and the Zellyspace currently.

Zellyspace operates the PFP NFT project "MetaZellys" and "ZellysArt". MetaZellys is defined as Web3 leading character and it is the first market pioneer and leader in Korea to push for the so-called "open IP policy" that takes the copyright (license) of the NFT to the Holders. It is building a strong community with hundreds of business holders globally to expand to various online and offline businesses based on the Zellys character.

ZellysArt is defined as Web3 Art which turns collaborative works with 5000 artists into NFT field. the group of NFT holders and creators pursue the common goal of increasing the value of Zellys character through these two projects.