Lee Seung Han

Endowed Chair Professor of Sookmyung University / Chairman of Next & Partners Group

Founder of Homeplus Group / CEO of Samsung Corporation

Lee Seung-han, chairman of Next & Partners Group, is a leading businessman and scholar in South Korea. He is the longest-serving CEO of the distribution industry who has been involved with Samsung Group for 17 years as CEO of Samsung C&T and chairman of Homeplus since the 11th public offering in 1970.

Since the founding of Homeplus Group, the company has achieved sales of 12 trillion won in 12 years, and has grown into a top brand in the retail industry. As the chairman of the Korean Association of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), he has sparked ESG management encompassing environmental and social values and governance. In addition, he planned and promoted urban cultural spaces such as the Lium Museum of Art and the Book Saes Complex Cultural Space, and greatly contributed to the establishment of national infrastructure infrastructure such as Yeongjongdo New Airport Expressway and Busan New Port.

The Korean government has been awarded the Gold Tower Order of Industrial Merit and the Bronze Medal of National Merit, and has been awarded the Order of British Empire by Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom. She has been awarded the Grand Prize in Creative Management by the Korea CEO Summit.