Park Sang Don

Mayor of Cheonan City

Cheonan Mayor Park Sang-don was born on September 3, 1949, in Daegok-ri, Jeonui-myeon, Yeongi-gun, Chungcheongnam-do. He completed his master's degree at Seoul National University's Graduate School of Public Administration, served as the governor of Asan-gun and the mayor of Seosan-si, and served as the 17th and 18th National Assembly members. Currently, he has been elected as the mayor of Cheonan for the eighth term of the popular election, and is seeking to transform into a high-quality cultural city, a vibrant economic city, a convenient transportation city, an eco-friendly green city, and a happy welfare city. He is active in various fields, striving for the development of Cheonan City and the happiness of its citizens.